Modern Missionaries

A Jewish philanthropist. His Christian college roommate. Healing for many.

Giving Compass Partners with The Philanthropy Roundtable to Expand Reach to Donors

The Philanthropy Roundtable joins growing list of editorial partners for

Interview with David Rubenstein

On buying the Magna Carta, understanding university culture,  and interviewing Oprah.

America’s Disappearing Givers

Three recent studies show an alarming decline in the number of givers over the past decade.

A Firm Foundation for Charters

How a handful of nonprofits, developers, and donors are cementing education reforms, one brick at a time

New Video! Philanthropy and Politics

Prominent philanthropists discuss with us how private action can improve our nation even if politics remains fractious, the advantages donors and volunteers have when it comes to succeeding at societal reform, and the dangers that philanthropy needs to watch out for. Featuring Betsy DeVos, Phil Anschutz, Bernie Marcus, Harris Rosen, Jack Miller, Jeff Sandefer, David Weekley, and others.

If You Can’t Kill Them, Co-opt Them

Teacher unions ratchet up efforts to organize charters. How worried should donors be?

Supporting Better Choices

The best efforts against poverty reinforce what people are doing right

12 Common Criticisms of Philanthropy—and Some Answers

Critics have argued that charitable giving isn’t focused enough on the poor, isn’t sufficient to make a difference, is undemocratic, and more, but research—and history—show otherwise.

School and Home

Boarding programs and other charter innovations mix elements of family life and education for foster kids in need of both

Video: The “Anti-Hate” Group That Is a Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center bills itself as a watchdog of hate groups. But is this just a cover for its true aims?

A New Threat to Free Speech

PragerU's lawsuit condemns Google's "political gag mechanism"