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Donor Intent

Giving Compass Partners with The Philanthropy Roundtable to Expand Reach to Donors

The Philanthropy Roundtable joins growing list of editorial partners for

Get Help Protecting Donor Intent

From clarifying your charitable purpose to adopting effective governance structures, The Philanthropy Roundtable has services and resources designed to help you safeguard your donor intent.

Protecting Donor Intent

This Philanthropy Roundtable guidebook lays out how to define and safeguard your philanthropic principles.

Clarifying Your Philanthropic Purpose

A vitally important step in safeguarding donor intent is defining and clarifying your mission statement. 

Donor Intent Resource Library

Find the best articles, books, and panel discussions on the topic of establishing and preserving donor intent.

When Philanthropy Goes Wrong

In this Wall Street Journal essay, Adam Meyerson warns donors against the risk of redirected gifts.

Clawing Back Donor Intent After It Has Been Lost

Some cautionary examples from the experience of the Daniels Fund—a foundation that managed to reclaim its donor’s intent.

Going for Broke

How foundations sunset, and the reasons it’s becoming popular

The Insider’s Guide to Spend Down

A few years ago, the John M. Olin Foundation began the process of spending down its assets in preparation for closing its doors. It is now well along this path, and has learned a few lessons along the way.

Good Giving from the Grave

How donors and charities can plan wisely to avoid posthumous punch-ups