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Excellence in Philanthropy

Briefly Noted

K-12 surprise in Illinois. The millionaire next door. One acre, 500,000 farmers. The codemaster and his hidden donor.

Interview with David Rubenstein

On buying the Magna Carta, understanding university culture,  and interviewing Oprah.

Interview with Tim Keller

If you had a pot of money to give to advance religious practice, where would you spend it?

Modern Missionaries

A Jewish philanthropist. His Christian college roommate. Healing for many.

If You Can’t Kill Them, Co-opt Them

Teacher unions ratchet up efforts to organize charters. How worried should donors be?

In the Developing World Too, Unions Try to Stop a Fresh Approach

It’s an old story: Abysmal education outcomes. No accountability for teachers or administrators. No recourse for students or their parents.

Then a new idea comes along and old expectations fly out the window....

School and Home

Boarding programs and other charter innovations mix elements of family life and education for foster kids in need of both

A Firm Foundation for Charters

How a handful of nonprofits, developers, and donors are cementing education reforms, one brick at a time

Healing by the Book

A faith-based approach to helping victims recover from trauma

Supporting Better Choices

The best efforts against poverty reinforce what people are doing right