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2018 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy Links and Resources

A collection of resources that were made available to donor attendees at the K-12 National Forum in Memphis

National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy: Session Recaps

Charter and District Schools Sharing Innovations: How Philanthropy Can Help

Philanthropy New York, in collaboration with The Philanthropy Roundtable, hosted an in-depth discussion on innovation sharing between charter and district leaders in New York City.

2017 National Forum Recap: Site Visits

Attendees at the 2017 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy toured innovative schools in Washington, D.C.

Themes at Roundtable’s National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy

The 16th National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy highlighted D.C.'s unique ecosystem through visits to local schools, multiple breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions.

Event Recap: Supplying the Demand for High-Quality Private Options

Nearly 100 donor attendees and foundation staff heard from upstart investors, policy experts, and growing school network operators about the necessary investments needed to expand school choice at the K-12 preconference of the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Grit and Self-control: Determinants of Success

Angela Duckworth is trying to solve the quandary of enduring behavior change, the latest in the science of character development.

What Does it Take to go Personalized? Lessons from Blended Learning Investors and Operators

Breakout session recap from the 2016 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy.

Enabling Student Success: How Social-Emotional Learning Can Impact Schools

Breakout session recap from the 2016 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy.

The ESSA Question: What Does the New Federal Education Law Mean for Philanthropy?

Breakout session recap from the 2016 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy.

Remote Access: The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Rural Education

Breakout session recap from the 2016 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy. 

2016 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy

Attendees at the 2016 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy toured innovative schools in Silicon Valley, and heard firsthand from visionary leaders in K-12 philanthropy.

Interview with Eva Moskowitz

How this hard-charging leader of school reform accomplishes miracles.

The Memphis Approach to Attracting Great Teachers

What will it take to attract, develop, and retain high-performing teachers to reverse chronically low-achieving schools? Philanthropists and talent organizations in Memphis think they have the answer.

A Record for Catholic-school Scholarships

This past fall, the Inner-city Scholarship Fund run by the Archdiocese of New York City—which provided tuition assistance to nearly 7,000 Catholic-school students in 2015—announced the largest-ever U.S. gift to Catholic schooling.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Teaching Together

Teaching Together hires adults with cognitive disabilities as Catholic-school classroom aides. 

Big School Plans in the Big Apple

Three time zones and a charter-school universe away, in New York, Success Academy co-founder Eva Moskowitz recently announced plans to operate as many as 100 campuses within the next decade.

Guidebook on Catholic schooling

Something that seemed improbable, if not impossible, a few years ago is now becoming a real prospect: Inner-city Catholic schooling is poised for a renaissance. Our guidebook describes how savvy givers can take part in this exciting revival of educational opportunity for poor children.

Don’t Surrender the Academy

To the chagrin of reformers, the way that it stands 'blowing up' our existing schools of education is just not a viable option: The case for donors to get involved with schools of education. 

Suing for Reform

An education donor went to court; will other givers and other causes follow? 

Remarkable Achievements in Education Philanthropy

More philanthropic donations are channeled into education than to any other sector of American society except religion. This list of Major Achievements of American Philanthropy highlights education. 

School Magic

Since 1998, 139,000 students have had their life courses altered by the Children’s Scholarship Fund, a program created by donors. In her new book Opportunity and Hope, Naomi Schaefer Riley brings us the stories of ten of the students who benefited from this effort.

Excellent Educators: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Cultivating Great Teachers and Principals

The strongest influence on whether a student learns (and how much) is the teacher. This new guidebook by Laura Vanderkam explains if we want to improve schools, we must raise the quality of teachers.

Politics and Education Reform

When Bill Gates spoke at the American Enterprise Institute in March, he noted that money alone cannot fix education woes. Having realized this, the Gates Foundation spent three years looking closely at the mechanics of teaching.

Charter School Performance Breakout

"The oft-heard claim that charters perform no better than conventional schools is out of date and inaccurate." In this recent Wall Street Journal article, Karl Zinsmeister explains why today's philanthropy-driven charter school boom may be one of the most important movements of our age. 

From Promising to Proven: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Expanding on the Success of Charter Schools

Charter schooling may be the most important social innovation of our age, and it is just beginning to bloom. This new guidebook provides facts, examples, and practical experience that donors will need as charter schooling shifts gears from promising experiment to mainstream movement.

Closing America’s High-achievement Gap: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Helping Our Most Talented Students

During the last two decades, philanthropists and education reformers have made urgent efforts to pull weak students up to levels of basic competency. Meanwhile, though, children at the other end of the achievement spectrum have gotten lost in the shuffle. This intriguing book by Andy Smarick makes a powerful case for a sorely needed U.S. educational improvement that has been almost entirely overlooked.

Mediocrity Be Gone

The Relay Graduate School of Education is revolutionizing teacher training.  

Total Redesign

Think your only option for reforming public education is to nibble around the edges? Not anymore. A cohort of education reformers frustrated with the pace of progress in school districts are pushing for new, decentralized, portfolio-based systems that would increase autonomy, improve budgeting, and enhance choices for parents.

Mission Possible: How Charter Schools Can Start-Up, Scale, and Succeed

At The Philanthropy Roundtable’s 2013 National Forum on K-12 Philanthropy, Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools discussed the creation, growth, and outsized political influence of Success Academy.

Magna Charter

The traditional urban public school system is broken. It cannot be fixed. It must be replaced. In this Reviews and Commentary piece, Andy Smarick argues that American public education cannot thrive until the existing urban school district is replaced by the charter ethic.

Blended Learning: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Supporting Tech-assisted Teaching

Few innovations in education today offer as much potential to transform how students are educated as the rise blended learning. The Philanthropy Roundtable’s guidebook by Laura Vanderkam explores this crucial new field and the rich opportunities for brave and savvy givers to lead the education establishment toward a more excellent future.

About K-12 Education Programs

Dedicated reformers have made remarkable gains in improving K-12 education over the past two decades, from expanding high-performing charter school networks to investing in excellent teachers and school leaders. Strategic philanthropy has been one of the most effective tools in advancing these breakthroughs. The Philanthropy Roundtable seeks to further increase and improve K-12 education reform philanthropy by connecting thought-leaders, practitioners, and donors with one another.

Blended Learning Resources

Along with our new Blended Learning guidebook, we have compiled resources—from the best videos to books, blogs, and more—to help better acquaint you with today’s most promising experiments in K–12 education.

They Shall Overcome

Meet the K–12 reform donors who strategically balance charitable giving, legislative advocacy, and direct political engagement. Philanthropy editor-in-chief Christopher Levenick reports in this cover story from our Spring issue on K-12 giving.

Interview with Eli Broad, the Investor

When it comes to re-imagining how America's children can learn, Eli and Edythe Broad are among the nation's most visionary philanthropists. Their investments range across the full spectrum of educational reform, from advocacy to personnel to technology. Take a look at our interview with Broad, in which he details progress on his efforts to dramatically improve American K–12 education.

Interview with Betsy DeVos, the Reformer

For years, Betsy DeVos has been at the forefront of the educational-reform movement. Today, as chairman of the American Federation for Children, she is pushing to promote parental choice in American public education. In this feature interview, DeVos explains how she is working to make it possible for all of the nation's parents—regardless of their zip code—to find the right school for their children.

Interview with Michelle Rhee

Former Chancellor of Schools for the District of Columbia Michelle Rhee spoke with Philanthropy magazine about her work with StudentsFirst and the crucial role of issue advocacy in education reform.

Common Core’s Uncommon Rise

Released in 2010, the Common Core Standards are the first set of shared, nationwide, grade-by-grade benchmarks for what students are expected to learn. Liam Julian details how philanthropists helped create a movement for national standards.

Lessons in Citizenship

American students are increasingly ignorant of American civics, notes Naomi Schaefer Riley. Fortunately, a few private donors have taken the lead in the effort to restore a healthy appreciation for the Founding principles.

Blending, Upending

Is blended learning the disruptive innovation of K–12 reform? Check out this preview from The Philanthropy Roundtable’s new guidebook “Blended Learning: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Supporting Tech-assisted Teaching” by Laura Vanderkam.

Mr. Unreasonable

Eli Broad sits down with Philanthropy magazine to discuss his giving to medical research, modern art, and K–12 education.